Yard Winterization

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The fall and winter months are the time to be keeping your yard healthy to avoid extra maintenance in the spring. There are several things you should be doing that many of us forget about. Here is a list put together by Heinen Landscape of things that need to be done to keep your grass and plants healthy and happy.

Bring Potted Plants Inside

If you’ve taken some of your plants outside for the summer to enjoy the warm sun and fresh air, don’t forget to bring them back inside! It’s usually not as simple as just moving a pot from one place to another. You’ll want to be sure that you get rid of any pests that have made their way into the dirt over the summer. These pesky bugs might hitchhike over to your other indoor plants and around your house. You can use a hose to water and help knock off any unwanted pests like spider mites. If your plant has grown significantly since being outside, you might consider repotting them.

Sprinkler System Winterization

To prevent costly repairs and maintenance in the spring, it is best to have your irrigation system shut down before the first freeze. By doing so, it ensures your pipes won’t break once the ground temperature gets below freezing.

Winterizing your sprinkler system is a process that consists of allowing water lines to drain and then blowing out any remaining water with an air compressor. We’ll also inspect your sprinkler heads, valves and other moving parts to make sure your equipment is in tip top shape.

Aerate the Soil

Aerating the soil is a process of perforating the soil with small holes. This allows for oxygen, water, and fertilizer to easily reach the roots. It helps to alleviate soil compaction so your grass can have strong roots and produce a more vigorous lawn.

Leaf Removal

The dreaded leaf removal. By not removing leaves, they become wet from rain, stick together, and form a mat that if left unmoved will suffocate the grass. Luckily at Heinen we know how much of a pain leaf removal can be. We have a tool, called the Billy Goat, that vacuums up all twigs, leaves, and acorns, so you don’t have to be out in your yard with a rake during the weekends.


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