From the blooming buds of spring, to the sun-kissed breezes of summer, to the jewel-toned leaves of autumn to the crisp ­– yet cozy – frosts of winter, the changing seasons in Kansas City are genuinely remarkable – witnessed in across the neighborhoods all over KC. From Fairway to Old Leawood, from Mission to Mission Hills, to Roeland Park, Overland Park and Prairie Village, the changing seasons are part of what makes KC so great.

Throughout the changing seasons of 2020, Heinen was hard at work designing, creating, and maintaining the great outdoors all around and about the homes of Kansas City. From installing new irrigation systems, to building natural stone retaining walls preventing stormwater damage, to designing complete outdoor kitchens, our projects ranged from absolutely necessary to beautiful home upgrades to be enjoyed by the whole family. Enjoy a few of our seasonal highlights below!


Cheerful Heinen tulips welcome Springtime in the Mission Hills neighborhood.

One of the highlights of spring was watching the bulbs Heinen teams planted last fall rise heroically from the ground to boldly present themselves to the world as rainbow­-colored tulips – brilliantly announcing that winter was indeed over.

During the spring of 2020, the outdoor living crews at Heinen were more than a little occupied with planning, ordering materials, and digging footings from which a wide variety of customer hardscape projects would soon arise.

Spring landscaping took center stage with the design and planting of many beautiful home gardens. Heavy spring showers also reminded many clients that there was no better time than the present to solve property drainage issues! Proper grading was often the key to preventing future flooding in yards and basements – as were French drains, dry creek beds and AquaBlox installations.


Heinen installed a new Brookside patio this past summer for the homeowners to enjoy.

During a non-conventional summer with restricted travel, many Heinen customers discovered the meaning of “staycation”! Heinen was happy to oblige, spending many days and weeks designing and constructing new backyard patios and other living spaces – perfect for socially-distanced backyard barbecues and fun-in-the-sun family staycations.

Manufactured stone was often the patio medium of choice for customer hardscape projects. With a broad array of colors and textures – not to mention unmatched durability – Techo-Bloc was often the preferred product solution for backyard living make-overs. Other customers chose Unilock stone pavers to customize their backyard entertainment spaces. No matter the choice, both products were an excellent starting point for both refurbished and all new patio areas.

Irrigation was another popular summer theme. As the turf pros at Heinen like to say, “The grass is always greener when you water it!” And, as Kansas City’s top landscape and irrigation team, the Heinen crews know automatic irrigation better than just about anyone! It was clear that many customers had learned that the most beautiful garden or lawns were the direct result of proper watering, essential aeration, and regular weeding. At Heinen we couldn’t agree more!


The beauty of fall leaves turning color across Kansas City is extraordinary. But when the leaves hit the ground, yard leaf removal is crucial in maintaining a healthy lawn. Many Heinen customers told us they were glad to know that Heinen recycles all yard waste back at our Merriam headquarters (every little bit helps!).

Heinen installed this fantastic Techo-Bloc fire pit and patio meant to be enjoyed year-round.

Many homes invest in outdoor lighting for both safety and aesthetic reasons. Fall 2020 brought a season of outdoor social distancing and Heinen helped keep homes safe and added to their overall ambience by expanding outdoor living through the installation of beautiful outdoor LED lighting with a range of color options.

Another special tool often used in creating breathtaking backyard getaways was manufactured stone from Unilock. Durable, beautiful, and affordable, the product is excellent for constructing backyard firepits, bench seating and patio gathering areas.


Early winter is the perfect time for pruning trees and shrubs, aerating and fertilizing lawns – as well as planting bulbs that will flourish in the spring. Exterior lighting often becomes a priority in the winter months (those short winter days remind us of how dark the great outdoors truly can be!).

When not clearing snow on the harsher days of winter, the crews at Heinen stayed occupied during milder days with drainage projects, irrigation system installations, 2021 landscape planning and removing outdated landscape and hardscape material – to better prepare for the upcoming spring!

Heinen installs lighting to give your home style and security.

No matter the season, Heinen Landscape and Irrigation is here to help you get the most out of your outdoor spaces!

Feeling inspired by the gorgeous gardens and plush patios you’ve seen around Kansas City? Give Heinen a call today! In fact, your home could be the next Home of the Season!

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